Warrior Wednesday


Everyone’s outer world is a direct reflection of their inner world.  Therefore, if we are in harmony with the worlds of Grandmother Earth, our inner world is harmonious.  And if we are in conflict on the outside, there is sure to be conflict on the inside.  The true battle a Rainbow Warrior fights is the one inside ourselves, the one that keeps us small, in a box, ignorant, stuck in dogmatic thinking, running patterns that no longer serve us, and believing in scarcity (to name just a few).

In the next eight weeks, we will explore eight pairs of Warrior’s Attributes that illustrate the characteristics necessary to fully develop as a Warrior.

During this next week, notice the moments in your life that throw you off balance or where you feel out of control.  Stop, take a breath, and identify what is going on in your inner world.  Where are you emotionally?  What are you feeling physically?  What thoughts just crossed your mind?  Are you connected to the present moment, to your Higher Self, to Spirit? Or are you disconnected?  Are you losing energy, depleting your life force? Or are you gaining energy?


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