Powers of the Four Directions


In the Sweet Medicine SunDance way, the “power” of anything is its essence, its “give-away”, its “medicine.”  It is how we, or anything, touch another with beauty. Each of the Four Directions has such a power that is its self-expression. The powers manifest themselves in varying arenas of experience.

The Power that sits in the South is Trust and Innocence.  Trust is knowing there is something greater than we are or than we know.  Innocence is standing in the center of our own circle of power — simply being who we are fully alive in our senses. The self-expression of the South is manifested through the medium of music.

In the West sits the Power of Introspection and Intuition.  This is the place of “going within” and listening to our body knowing. It is the place of death, change and movement. The self-expression of the West is manifested through the medium of magick and alchemy.

Logic, Knowledge and Wisdom are the North Powers.  Logic, knowledge and wisdom can only be received by a flexible, open free-thinking mind whose intent is to be in balance and harmony with all the Worlds of Grandmother Earth. This is manifested through science, mathematics, technology.

The East Powers are Illumination and Enlightenment.  When we allow our spirits to expand, when we soar with the eagle, we can catch those insights which illuminate our life. When we compound the illuminations, we can achieve enlightenment. The power of the East is manifested in all forms of original artistic expression (e.g. painting sculpture, writing, media, etc.).

And in the Center sit Breath, Chi, Prana, or Chuluaqui.  This is the pure Life Force Energy which makes all life, all power, all self-expression possible. The Center is manifested in the Egg and Seed of all creation.

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