Hoops of Evolution – part 2

If you’ve seen thousands of people lumbering along with their faces buried in their phones, or walked through your neighborhood at night to see every window lit up by a blue glow, then you know there is a certain comfort in being a part of the Walking Dead.

But it’s not who we’re meant to be. There is inside every one of us an Eagle…a unique, creative, autonomous individual that is meant to fly free. We are meant to be alive, to experience Health, Hope, Happiness, Harmony and Humor in full measure – but we fear what that kind of life demands of us.

There is nothing to fear. Throughout human history – and even before – there have been streams of knowledge that exist to help us regain our connection to what is Sacred. These teachings are one of those streams.

There is more to being human than Netflix and Facebook. More than putting up with a soul-sucking job. More than being a good worker, parent, consumer, and whoever else you were told to be. When you were born, you came here with a purpose, a Sacred Dream, something only you could do.

The question is: will you do it? Will you stand up and take your rightful place on this planet?

Walk with us a while and journey into your own Spirit…and see who you were meant to be.

“Have you ever had a dream, Neo, that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?” – Morpheus, The Matrix, 1999

There’s lots more to come on the teachings of the Sacred Hoops…if you don’t want to wait to learn more, feel free to check out the Course of Study, where they were originally published.

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