Honoring The Rivers That Flow

Everywhere around the world, our waters and rivers have nurtured creation for centuries. Are we nurturing our waters back? Are we giving and receiving in balance?

Take a look at this short film by Pete McBride as a reminder of the incredible beauty, strength and magnitude of a mighty river in the American Southwest. Click below to watch!

The Mighty River That Dried Up: “I Am Red”

colorado river


One thought on “Honoring The Rivers That Flow

  1. Chills swept over my body as well as a wave of sadness for Grandmother Earth. I feel her pain and I hear her message. I pray everyday that all are uplifted to a level of awareness where Grandmothers’ message can be heard loud and clear and she can be honored for the glorious entity she is. She has given so much and deserves our attention to love and care for when we hurt her we hurt ourselves. The video, even though painful, is an act of love, care and concern for our home and strongly supports the space for new and appropriate decisions to be made.

    Thank you for sharing,
    Shelly Perrini

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