Elk Animal Totem: Awakener of the Unconscious

Happy birthday to the Elk! For those not familiar with SunBear’s Earth Astrology, those born from November 22 to December 21 have the elk as their birth animal totem. The elk is the largest and considered the most regal of the deer family.

We can learn so much about our natural selves from the animal world, including how to be more efficient and balanced with our every day energy.
Did you know? The antlers of an elk resemble a tree and are shed annually. During mating season, male bulls charge each other until one succeeds in knocking the other from his feet and gores him.

The winner emerges with the female while the other male limps away. Calves are kept hidden for the first six months of their life to ensure their safety while mom goes out foraging for food.

Spiritually, they are considered the keepers of thunder and lightning, and as such, help awaken our unconscious.


Elk totem people are highly aware of justice and injustice and can be very both impatient and vocal about perceived transgressions in the hope to correct the behavior and/or situation.

If the Elk calling out is out of balance or lacking maturity, his/her behavior can create unnecessary problems. However, an Elk person in balance can bring clarity and insights to benefit all.
What do you think? Where can you add a little elk medicine to your life?

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