Bear Animal Totem: The Dreamers

Happy birthday to the Bear! For those not familiar with SunBear’s Earth Astrology, those born from August 23 to September 22 have the brown bear as their birth animal totem, which includes the black bear and various shades of brown including blonde and cinnamon.

We can learn so much about our natural selves from the animal world, including how to be more efficient and balanced with our every day energy.

bear and cubs image

Did you know? Bears are curious animals and lead a slow, methodical life while enjoying it as well. They take time to critically observe their surroundings and things that occur and learn from them. The only time they speed up their pace is in the fall in preparation for winter hibernation. Contrary to popular belief, the bear does not sleep the entire way through, sometimes taking breaks to wake up and enjoy the warmer days of winter. Their sleep is a “half sleep.” Hence, the correlation of bears as dreamers, dreaming their everyday, personal dream awake. They can teach you to step into the silence of your inner stillness and introspection.

What do you think? Where can you add a little bear medicine to your life?


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