Center Examples of Imbalanced Choreography of Energy

Do you recognize what happens when we are out of balance with our sexual life force energy?

In the Sweet Medicine SunDance path, the Balanced Choreography of Energy is a wheel and movement around the circle of directions that help remind us what we naturally need to do be in balance and harmony with all aspects of ourselves.

We’ve shared past posts about what it means to be in balance each of the five directions around a wheel.

If we could master this balanced choreography: giving with the emotions, holding with the physical body, receiving with the mind, determining with spirit and catalyzing with open, heart-to-heart sexual communication, we would be walking around this planet in balance and harmony with all things.

But as we all know, imbalance often occurs. Fatigue and pain are created when these directions and energetic expressions are interchanged.

Sexual life force energy sits in the center of the wheel and is called chi/ki/prana in other traditions. As human beings, we often equate sexual life force energy with the act of sex itself, but it is, in fact, the creative, life-giving essence and energy that runs through all living beings in our universe.

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Let’s look at some common examples of imbalance with the center and sexual life force energy.

When people give with their sexual life force energy instead of catalyze, they give everything of his/her essence and, hence, rapidly deplete oneself. Therefore, a sudden life force loss is experienced in absence of another dysfunctional issue. Think of a gas tank that suddenly has a hole in it. One small hole can cause all the gas that otherwise would have catalyzed the engine to be partially or completely on the ground instead of the engine.

When people hold and transform with their sexual life force energy, the tendency is to go to sex as escape and fixation. Hence, sex addictions appear as dysfunctional patterns.

When people receive with their sexual life force energy, boundaries are lost and/or non-existent. There is a loss of personal identity and not being awake and conscious to one’s own energy. Codependence is often experienced as a result.

When people determine with their sexual life force energy, they lose touch with reality, and what is within sacred law. This can manifest subtly as illusion or as complete delusional thinking and behavior. The extreme of this are psychopaths, manipulators and engaging in criminal activity in order to force their own will.

Can you identify times when you are in imbalanced choreography with your sexual life force energy?

To review what is properly balanced choreography of energy, click below.

Balanced Choreography of Energy Wheel Recap

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