East Examples of Imbalanced Choreography of Energy

Do you know what happens when you’re out of balance with spirit?

In the Sweet Medicine SunDance path, the Balanced Choreography of Energy is a wheel and movement around the circle of directions that help remind us what we naturally need to do be in balance and harmony with all aspects of ourselves.

We’ve shared past posts about what it means to be in balance each of the five directions around a wheel.

If we could master this balanced choreography: giving with the emotions, holding with the physical body, receiving with the mind, determining with spirit and catalyzing with open, heart-to-heart sexual communication, we would be walking around this planet in balance and harmony with all things.

But as we all know, imbalance often occurs. Fatigue and pain are created when these directions and energetic expressions are interchanged.


Let’s look at some examples of imbalanced choreography of energy in the East with spirit.

When a person gives with spirit, they become asleep to reality as it is. Their illusion may be that “all is beautiful” despite what reality is saying about the situation. They are giving with this illusion of spirit and lack the foresight, backbone and physical development to deal with the reality of the world as it is.

If a person is holding with their spirit, they get caught in no hope. They cannot let their spirit fly free to give the vision necessary for hope springs eternal.

If a person is receiving with their spirit, there is no actualization. You take in the vision, but you don’t do anything with it. This can be seen in the recluse or hermit who has no vision or purpose.

If you catalyze with the spirit, you spin your cosmic wheels and create burnout. Some of our greatest imbalance and pain is created here by our family, peers, and religious teachers whom we mind to try to please. They attempt to minimize or shut down our sexual life force energy.

Can you identify times when you are in imbalanced choreography with spirit?

To review what is properly balanced choreography of energy, click below.

Balanced Choreography of Energy Wheel Recap


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