North Examples of Imbalanced Choreography of Energy

How does improper choreography of the mind create imbalance?

In the Sweet Medicine SunDance path, the Balanced Choreography of Energy is a wheel and movement around the circle of directions that help remind us what we naturally need to do be in balance and harmony with all aspects of ourselves.

We’ve shared past posts about what it means to be in balance each of the five directions around a wheel.

If we could master this balanced choreography: giving with the emotions, holding with the physical body, receiving with the mind, determining with spirit and catalyzing with open, heart-to-heart sexual communication, we would be walking around this planet in balance and harmony with all things.

But as we all know, imbalance often occurs. Fatigue and pain are created when these directions and energetic expressions are interchanged.

Let’s look at some common examples of imbalance with the mind.

My mind is killing me image

If you hold with the mind, and you get stuck in belief systems and one point of view, you develop tunnel vision often causing a person to be judgmental and prejudiced.

If you give with the mind, you have no grasp of how reality really is. Instead, you are constantly dealing with the way it “should be or ought to be.” Instead of receiving the data that would give you valid reality, you create illusions in your head and regard those out as “truth.” If you give with your mind, it produces victim syndrome…one who is oblivious to the reality in your environment.

Determining with the mind often leads to depression because that person is always despairing and disappointed that things are never as they should be.

A person who catalyzes with the mind becomes a lord or queen tyrant…in other words a dictator. This is often in combination with determining with emotions. This person, when taken to extremes, will say “THIS is the way it is … you will obey or else.” The result can produce an overly-regimented discipline with the physical body, such as the fitness fanatic who sees the perfect body and regime as the end all, be all.

Can you identify times when you are in imbalanced choreography with your mind?

To review what is properly balanced choreography of energy, click below.

Balanced Choreography of Energy Wheel Recap

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