West Examples of Imbalanced Choreography of Energy

In the Sweet Medicine SunDance path, the Balanced Choreography of Energy is a wheel and movement around the circle of directions that help remind us what we naturally need to do be in balance and harmony with all aspects of ourselves.

We’ve shared past posts about what it means to be in balance each of the five directions around a wheel.

If we could master this balanced choreography: giving with the emotions, holding with the physical body, receiving with the mind, determining with spirit and catalyzing with open, heart-to-heart sexual communication, we would be walking around this planet in balance and harmony with all things.

But as we all know, imbalance often occurs. Fatigue and pain are created when these directions and energetic expressions are interchanged.

Let’s look at some common examples of imbalance with the physical body.

I'm fine image

What happens if our electrical cord doesn’t get enough current through it? The fan will not turn. The same is true in the physical body. If we are not holding transforming the energy, the body will not work efficiently.

A person who gives with the physical body tends to substitute working, physical records, and money with loving, hugging, holding, and physical closeness or intimacy. They expect their body to produce their reality. Often these people show symptoms of workaholism and are totally dedicated to their career.

If you receive with the body, this can manifest as physical abuse. In addition, since all energy is incoming, you become lethargic and have no energy to put out. This is the couch potato syndrome.

If you determine with your body, you will have a tendency to be a bully. We have this in many forms, from the bully to the Olympic athlete’s total focus on physical structure and control of the body. These are often overachievers.

If you catalyze with the body, you can die. This is the person who continuously moves from one disease to another. To catalyze with the body means you need this physical crisis to such an extent that without it, nothing else will function.

Can you identify times when you are in imbalanced choreography with your physical body?

To review what is properly balanced choreography of energy, click below.

Balanced Choreography of Energy Wheel Recap


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