Balanced Choreography of Energy Wheel Recap

During the last two weeks, we’ve shared with you the essential teachings of the Balanced Choreography of Energy wheel from the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path perspective. Do you know what each of your aspects need to be in natural balance everyday for greater vibrancy and gain in your life? Check out or re-read the posts here!

The South: Giving With Emotions

The West: Holding With The Body

The North: Receiving with the Mind

The East: Determining With Spirit

The Center: Catalyzing With Sexual Soul Force

SwiftDeer Speaks

Look for our coming posts on examples of imbalanced choreography in our lives and a ceremony to get us back into balance.

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One thought on “Balanced Choreography of Energy Wheel Recap

  1. Hello I was wondering what wisdom or insight you have on the purpose of life. Is the purpose of life to balance the energy? Or is it to balance the energy to achieve something greater?

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