The East Element: Fire

In the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, the sacred four elements are a part of Grandmother Earth and are a natural component of our world and ourselves. The elements can be regarded from the perspective of a “medicine wheel”. That is to say a circle of viewing of each of the four directions: South, West, North, East and the Center.

When we view the elements from each of these directions, we can better understand through not just our mind but our physical bodies how each of the elements feel and how these elements combine with other energies and powers of the four directions.

fire image

In the East, the element is fire.

Fire teaches us expansion. It could be a small candlelight, a raging forest fire, the campfire which warms you on a cold night.

Think about the many ways you have experienced fire, and you will have a knowing of the East energies.

Click here for the next element in the Center!

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