Deer Animal Totem: Adaptable, Swift Movement

Happy birthday to the Deer! For those not familiar with SunBear’s Earth Astrology, those born from May 21 to June 20 have the deer as their birth animal totem. In the U.S., this includes the mule deer, white-tailed deer, black-tailed deer and several other species.

Deer image

We can learn so much about our natural selves from the animal world, including how to be more efficient and balanced with our everyday energy.

Did you know? Deer are the keeper of magick, magical law and alchemy and the teacher of natural law and swiftness. Many Native Americans believed the moon, wind and rain affected the movements of deer. Scientific research indeed confirms that their movement depends on the outside temperature, moon phases and even barometric pressure. They are highly adaptable and can live from the cold Arctic to the humid heat of Florida.

The mule deer, specifically, knows how to enter our maze, where we wander lost in our patterns. It knows the earth and can identify danger up to 24 hours in advance.

The white-tail deer is the keeper of softness and the teacher of beauty, soft power and respect for feminine power. Remember, gentleness = strength!

What do you think? Where can you add a little deer medicine to your life?


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