Natural Cycles of 24-Hour Time for Humans

Like Grandmother Earth, we as humans experience four times of change as well. However, they are a little different. You will notice below that midday and midnight are where we as humans have switched the East and West with Grandmother Earth’s movement.

Due to society’s scheduling, most humans lose alignment with their inner change time. At midday, we need to go inward and rest our body, but in our daily lives, most people are working. During our fire time at midnight, most people are sleeping. But naturally, the strongest time for humans to do ceremony is between midnight and sunrise! It is naturally their active fire time.

Stars sun moon image

“The sun teaches to all things that grow their longing for light. But it is night that raises them to the stars.” – Kahlil Gibran

What is our natural time change as humans within the four directions?

In the South, there is Sunrise.
This is also our exhalation, our “breathing out” time. It is when we most connect with our own inner water element, our fluidity of self and emotion. Coming from our fire time, we use the inner waters to cool the fire.

In the West, there is Midday.
Here we as humans are in the burning heat and fire on Grandmother Earth. We must put our earth body lodge to rest. Many cultures in Mexico, Europe and elsewhere align with this energy shift by closing their shops and other business activities between 12pm and 2pm and enjoy leisure and siesta as a rest period.

In the North, there is Sunset.
Here the mind gets calm. This is a magick time were we have more of our inner gifts available to us. This is especially true if we are in alignment with Grandmother’s cycle. Usually at this time we are rushing home from work or fixing dinner, not aligning with calm energy.

In the East, there is Midnight.
When much of Grandmother Earth is introspective and calm, it is our time to embrace the fire element within. This is when our activity energy is the highest, for our inner fire is going full blast. It is a good time to do sorcery and magick, a time to source the force of creation. Those who work a night shift have tapped in to this energy. However, due to work scheduling , most people are asleep during this time. They make this their quiet time, when in fact, it is potentially their most powerfully creative time. This puts people out of alignment.

Take some time to pay attention to your own natural cycles. What do you observe?


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