A Ceremony for 24-Hour Natural Time Alignment

Recently we posted on our blog about the Powers of the Four Directions and how they are represented in each of the four directions (south, west, north, east plus the center) as well as natural time changes for both Grandmother Earth and humans.

To help apply these teachings, we offer you this exercise from the Sweet Medicine Sundance path to help you become more aware of our natural time relationship to Grandmother Earth and learn how to align ourselves.

Boats and gold sky image

1. Reread the teaching on Grandmother’s Earth Natural Cycles of 24-Hour Time and the teaching on Human Natural Cycles of 24-Hour Time.

2. Sit with Grandmother Earth at each of her four changing times in a quiet way. Outdoors is always preferable, but this may be done inside as well. Use all of your sense to taste, touch, smell, hear, and see how she changes. Make notes if you desire.

3. Next observe your own human time changes using each of your senses. (This may be done within the same 24-hour period or a separate day.) Find the places in your life where you can have greater alignment with your changes as a human and with the changes of Grandmother Earth. Are there one or two things you discover you can implement in your life each day?

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