The Center Power: Life Force Energy

In the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, we speak about “powers” of the four directions. Within in each of the directions, there is a power …. an essence, a give-away, a “medicine.” It is their self expression of how they touch life with beauty.

In the Center is breath, known in other traditions as Chi, Ki or Prana … or what in the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path, we call Chuluaqui energy. This is the pure life force energy, which makes all life and all power possible. The center is manifested in the egg and seed of all creation.

void image

The human aspect in the Center is our sexuality. We catalyze with the soul through sexual orgastic energy. Because this sits in the center and is a catalyst, the balance or imbalance of our heart, body, mind, and spirit depends on us having our sexuality in balance. The language of the Center is open heart-to-heart communication. We all know how key open-hearted sharing is within our sexual relations.

3 thoughts on “The Center Power: Life Force Energy

  1. kassie maurer says:

    Hi! Is it okay for me to share this with someone who is not an apprentice? In beauty, ~kassie Sent from iPhone


    • Hi Kassie – yes, of course! All that is posted on our WordPress blog, Facebook or Google+ pages may be shared. Thank you for asking and yes, please share with your friends!

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