The North Power: Logic, Knowledge & Wisdom

In the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, we speak about “powers” of the four directions. Within in each of the directions, there is a power …. an essence, a give-away, a “medicine.” It is their self expression of how they touch life with beauty.

In the North are the powers of logic, knowledge and wisdom, balance, harmony and alignment. This is sound reasoning brought about by the understanding gained through actual experiences. This results in the clear perception of truth gained through good sense and insight. This can be received by a flexible, open mind whose intent is to be in balance and harmony with the other worlds of Grandmother Earth.

The language of logic, knowledge and wisdom is manifested through science, math and technology.


The human aspect of the North is the mind. Our mind should be an empty vessel, clear and open, receptive to incoming signals or information. It is essential to keep the mind as flexible as possible, seeing 360 degrees around the wheel of life wherever possible.

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