The West Power: Introspection & Intuition

In the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, we speak about “powers” of the four directions. Within in each of the directions, there is a power …. an essence, a give-away, a “medicine.” It is their self expression of how they touch life with beauty.

In the West is the power of introspection and intuition. It is this energy of the West that is the place of going within and listening to the wisdom of the body knowing.

Mother Earth

Intuition is knowing what you know without conscious reasoning. The proper alignment with the four worlds of Grandmother Earth helps you gain the introspection you seek.

The human aspect of the West is the physical body. The body is meant to hold and transform energy. Then, like the earth, it must transform and stabilize itself. The physical body receives energy from the left side and gives away energy through the right side. This is true regardless of gender. The body is a storehouse of energy, storing it until such time as it is needed.

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