The South Power: The Importance of Trust & Innocence

In the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, we speak about “powers” of the four directions. Within in each of the directions, there is a power …. an essence, a give-away, a “medicine.” It is their self expression of how they touch life with beauty.

In the South of the medicine wheel, sits the power of “trust and innocence.” Many of us have a damaged image of what we think trust and innocence is. Often we interpret it as trust and IGNORANCE. In other words, we prefer to be “stupid” about energy and do and be what everyone else wants us to do and be.

TRUST is the knowing that there is something greater than we are or than we know. A more sophisticated way of saying the same thing is, knowing there is an absolute interconnection and interreliability from ONE form of one thing to ALL forms of all things. In the words of the Tao, “When a blade of grass is cut, the entire universe shudders.” Trust is this kind of connectedness. Innocence is standing in the center of your own circle of “power” …. simply being who you are. “Inn – o- cence is to be in your own essence.”


The language of the South is best understood and manifested through the medium of music. One needs only to listen to a great  classical concerto or any music to see how it stirs our emotions and works with our heart energy.

The human aspect sitting in the south is the emotions. It is important to remember that all emotions are valid. To have balanced emotions means “ENERGY IN MOTION” … not to be emotional or to nullify the emotions meaning not to feel them at all. When we allow our emotions free movement, they have fluidity and flow like water.


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