Forgiveness As A Ceremony

For many, forgiveness is an old-fashioned word associated with heavy memories of religious upbringing and rarely associated by the sweet relief from pain it is intended to produce.

The Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary states that  “Forgiveness is the act of forgiving. To forgive is to give up resentment of or claim to requital for (an insult); to grant relief from payment of (a debt); to cease to feel resentment against (an offender); to pardon (one’s enemies).”

The Twisted Hair Elders speak of forgiveness as dainishu (dah-nee-shoo). “From my heart, I give away any animosity, resentment, grievance, indebtedness, hostility, or hate and erase these forever from my circle of experience.” Life is restored to determinative understanding.

In the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, forgiveness of the self, life and others is critical to our path to enlightenment and operating within Sacred Law to never harm the children of our planet. Forgiveness heals our wounded, fractured selves and creates a place for light and new dharmic possibilities to emerge from the darkness and pain of self-pity and karma.

If we desire an authentic, fluid, intimate relationship with ourselves and others around us, the first step is to acknowledge what needs to be forgiven and go into ceremony to release that which must be forgiven and released back to Spirit. We do this for ourselves, and we do this for the 7 generations before and the 7 generations to come.

To engage in forgiveness as a ceremony for yourself, we offer you this Flowering Tree Ceremony to do on your own with Great Spirit. Forgiveness – Flowering Tree Ceremony


Some of you may be thinking, “why engage with a tree?” In many cultures throughout the ages, the symbol of the Tree of Life has represented the soul’s longing for enlightenment and an interconnectedness between the “as above” and the “so below”. A human’s luminosity is very similar to that of a tree. Within this luminosity lie the keys to attaining the ultimate goal of formlessness as well as the ability to experience the essence of spirit. For these reasons, we in the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path often work with trees as a part of our personal and sacred ceremonies to help heal, grow and evolve.

For all of our relations and in beauty as the sacred humans of Grandmother Earth.

Download Forgiveness – Flowering Tree Ceremony

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