Why Not Forgiveness Now?

We’ve been taught that the ancient word for forgiveness is DAINISHUI (dah-nee-shoo) which means: “From my heart, I give away any animosity, resentment, grievance, indebtedness, hostility, hate, and erase forever from the circle of experience.”

Life is restored to determinative understanding.

In the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, forgiveness of the self, life and others is critical to our path to enlightenment and operating within Sacred Law to never harm the children of our planet. Forgiveness heals our wounded, fractured selves and creates a place for light and new dharmic possibilities to emerge from the darkness and pain of self-pity and karma.

If we desire an authentic, fluid, intimate relationship with ourselves and others around us, the first step is to acknowledge what needs to be forgiven and go into ceremony to release that which must be forgiven and released back to Spirit.

As a leader within the Christian power, we are very pleased to see that the Reverend Desmond Tutu is calling on the planetary collective via social networks to call attention to the importance of forgiveness and challenge people to step into this mindful process. His 30 Day Challenge for Forgiveness begins May 4. For more info, see the link.


tutu forgiveness challenge

For a forgiveness ceremony you can do within the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path way, see our Forgiveness As A Ceremony post.

May you walk in beauty!


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