Are You Dreaming a Dream of Excellence? – The Center

Center - Dare_to_Dream_wall_by_xshadyblues13xYour life is a dream, a movie you dreamed up. What kind of movie and character in that life movie have you dreamed? What kind of dreamer are you? Which one are you most of the time?

This is the last (part 5) of a series and the center of the medicine wheel written by our late Nagual Elder, Thunder Strikes with Jan Orsi.

Let’s explore the center!

Center: Leaders and Superstar Dreamers

In the center are “Dreamers” who demand excellence because they embody excellence. They are unique and strong image-makers and role models. They risk not being likes and are not at the effect of the perception of others. They get what they desire. They go beyond self-interest and use their excellence to lead others to be the best they can be.

What kind of dreamer are you?

The focus of your attention determines the amount of power you will have to create and control the dream. Aspire to BE a Center dreamer. Aspire to excellence! That is what we were designed to be.


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