Are You Dreaming a Dream of Excellence? – The North

Are You Dreaming a Dream of Excellence? – The North

Your life is a dream, a movie you dreamed up. What kind of movie and character in that life movie have you dreamed? What kind of dreamer are you? Which one are you most of the time?

This is part 2 of a series and the second movement around the medicine wheel written by our late Nagual Elder, Thunder Strikes with Jan Orsi.

Now to the north!

North: Want-To-Be Dreamer

These “dreamers” are awake but at the effect of the perceptions of others. Their identity is formed and reflected by people around them. They look to others for emotional approval, mental recognition, physical security, spiritual acceptance, and sexual identity. They strive to be politically correct and don’t make waves, thinking that this is the best way to get what they want or be safe. They dream yet have no hope that they can have what they want or they think they are not capable of making it happen. Low self-worth. They tag along on the coattails of others’ dreams and often experience lots of regret. Very often at the end of their life they will express regret for not having done more, loved more.

Although they do a lot of wishful thinking, they can’t see anything better or bigger for themselves. These “dreamers” dream by association, living vicariously through others, such as idolizing or identifying with celebrities.

Want-to-be dreamers are stuck in their core beliefs about themselves that make them small. They see their cup half empty. For those who understand SMSD teachings on blocks, the block in the north is shame.

Reflect on your life. Are you a want-to-be dreamer most of the time, some of the time or none of the time?


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