Spring Events In Canada!

Spring Events In Canada!

Photo credit: Paul Jung (thank you!) 

Spring is rolling into Canada and lots of events to learn, heal and grow within the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path! For more info on these and more in Toronto, check out:

Spring 2014

Shamanic De-Armoring:
2-week intensive to fully release physical armoring and rebirth your Natural Self.

Women’s Teachings:
Women’s Equinox Celebration on The Island – March 29
Birthing Wheel of the Goddess- April 18-19

Shamanism 101 [drop-in evening classes]
March 11 – Shamanic Approach to Addictions
March 25 – Inner Space, the Final Frontier – Shamanism and the Quest for Enlightenment
April 15 – Life and Laws of Cycles
May 6 – Life After Fear: Shamanic Wisdom for a Changing World
June 17 – Ceremony and Rites of Passage


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