Communicating With Animals & Sweet Medicine

You may have heard of “Sweet Medicine” from the name of our path: The Sweet Medicine Sundance Path. Sweet Medicine also refers to the animal world. Each animal, whether they are our birth totem animal (see Sun Bear’s Earth Astrology teachings), the wheels of animals that are our spirit guides and allies, or the animals we invite into our daily lives, has a medicine that is its spiritual essence.

The Spirit of these animals is the energy that connects us to our higher selves, and each animal does this in its own unique and natural way. Animals simply are who they are in alignment with their natural habitats. We, as humans, sit in the center of the animal Wheel of Life and learn from them how to walk in greater balance and harmony.

We love this video as an excellent example of how Sweet Medicine touches our own spirit, helps us to connect to our higher self, and teaches us to walk in greater balance and harmony in the world.

Anna Breytenbach, The Animal Communicator  — Click to Watch!

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 1.36.48 PM

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