Otter Medicine!

Otter Medicine!

It’s the birthday time of the otters! For those not familiar with Sun Bear’s Earth Astrology, those born January 20 – February 18 have otter as their birth animal totem and naturally align with their personalities. Whether it’s river or sea otter, otters are the most playful, social, affectionate and voracious eaters around as water loving, furry mammals.

Did you know? Sea otters will float together on their backs in groups of 10 to 100 forming “rafts”. The groups are typically arranged as females together and males together with the pups spending time in each group. Sea otters take care of the necessities of life while floating: traveling, grooming, resting, and nursing their young.

How’s that for relaxation and focus? Where can you implement a little otter medicine in your life?

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