What is Sacred Living?

What is Sacred Living?

What is Sacred Living?

Is it living in beauty, in harmony with the world around us – plants, animals, the earth, other humans?

Is it striving to reach our own potential as individuals and as humans?

Is it bringing more happiness, humor, health, hope and harmony into our lives, and so into the lives of those around us?

What is sacred living for you?

2 thoughts on “What is Sacred Living?

  1. Shelly Perrini says:

    Sacred living to me is living as I know myself to be in any moment and listening deep within to my guidance that always leads me in every moment to be who I am and to always reach for the more and to LOVE myself every step of the way and to allow the love that I know to express itself to all whom I know and dance with on my journey.

  2. A well-stocked bank account, refrigerator, freezer, fitted steel door, organized home and liv.To be able to walk upright and sing their song, but no fear.To be fully awake and aware with death as a advisor and still see the light around me.
    AH HO

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