Mihirangi Viewing Parties Near You

Watch Mihirangi concert with loved ones!

Watch Mihirangi concert with loved ones!

Sometimes an event
is just more enjoyable
experienced in the company
of friends and loved ones

If you’d like to experience the culture, heart and music of the Mihirangi concert video in that way, here are some upcoming viewing parties:

Saturday October 19: Chicago, IL

Join us for celebration & dance at the Mihirangi viewing party! Adults, children welcome. Come dressed as you like – but be prepared for fun and dance. Bring party foods if you want. Celebrate the beauty & the dreaming of the Eight Great Power connection!  Festivities begin at 7:30pm.

Information: Contact Sarah at horsesong2@aol.com

Sunday October 27:  Berkley, MI (Detroit area)

Come for dinner and hear Mihirangi, the soulful carrier of a Maori lineage and a semi-finalist in New Zealand’s Got Talent 2012, at a streaming event held from 5-7pm.

 Information: Contact floweringtree@dtmms.org

If you are planning a viewing event, please let us know and we will post it: email outreach@dtmms.org.

If you are considering planning a viewing event and would like more information
related to the Mihirangi and the concert event, let us know: email outreach@dtmms.org.

Dance with friends to Mihi's music!

Dance with friends to Mihi’s music!


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