Opening the Gates to the Human World, Part 1

Note: December 21, 2012 was the final day in one of the Long Counts in the Mayan Calendar.  There were rumors that the end of that long count would also be the “end of the world”.  Within the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, this date represents our opportunity to enter a new world: the human world.  This is the first in a 6-part series, written by Janneke Koole, on the opening of the gates to the human world.

“Wonderful”, you say, “I see lots of excitement and anticipation but don’t have a clue what this really means. What does this have to do with me and what’s in it for me?”

Some say this is the day that the world will end; some say nothing will happen. No one really knows what is happening nor what it exactly all means.

But what we do know is that we are here and this is what is happening NOW. We are gathered together to share with one another and to pray together so that we can learn how to care, heal, and love one another in a more powerful way than ever before. We are here to carry an ancient lineage forward into our metis world.

Today represents the ending of one of the LONG COUNTS in the Mayan Calendar – and the beginning of a NEW LONG COUNT.

Today the natural cycling of the seasonal movements of the sun and earth lines up to give us the “shortest day” in the northern hemisphere and the “longest day of summer” in the southern hemisphere. This occurred in the early hours of the morning of December 21st 2012 at 11:12 UTC or 04:12 here in Phoenix. Some say that there is a galactic alignment that occurs only every 26,000 years – now that is something to imagine!  Cycles

Today we are standing at what our Elders call the Opening of the Gates to the Human World.

The Twisted Hairs have spoken about this for many, many years inside their Rainbow Bridge Prophecies. These prophecies tracked the major turning points in human history, choice points in how we as two-legged chose to interact with Nature, the Worlds of Grandmother Earth, and each other. The prophecies tell the story through the eight horses, eight ways in which the belief systems of the people influence the unfolding of our events and the development of civilizations. We live on a planet of duality – dark and light have been with us since always. At some times, the light was strong and the human race/civilizations made great leaps in science, art and the explorations of human potential. At some times, the dark was strong so that humans surrendered their will and lost their way. Whole civilizations were destroyed during those times.

The Seneca People speak of Seven Worlds (see Twylah Nitsch and Jamie Sams’ book, “Other Council Fires were Here before Ours”). Each world was unique in its nature, full of the gifts from the Creator that allowed the people to flourish. And time and time again, the people would sacrifice these gifts, sever their connection to Spirit and Life, and the World would be destroyed. Again and again, another world emerged until today. Today we stand at the opening to the Fifth World. These prophesies say that this is the first time in human history on this planet that the people have the choice and the ability to make the shift into this new world without destruction. But will we?

We can look outward and see that the dark is very, very strong at this time. Anyone who might have been seduced by the “new age feel good all is good” mentality could have been rudely awakened to the stark reality of evil the other morning when 20 children were senselessly murdered while at school. The raging wars, the sleezy politics, the drug-driven gangs, the dissolution of nations, the control of our media, and the breaking apart of the family units – all these and more are clear signs of the dark forces mobilized with a relentless focus to destroy our civilization.

Thank goodness, we can also see the work of the light. And we need to uncover and display these stories much more blatantly. The exquisite photography that allows us to see the incredible beauty of Nature, the passionate giving of those who bring relief to the sick, the ingenuity of young minds creating alternative generators of energy, the courage of those who take a stand and speak out on behalf of the Children’s Fire – no matter the consequences, the mothers and fathers who exercise their duty and parent with dignity and inspire true values, and those who dedicate themselves to their potential and evolutionary maturation.

We can look within and find these same polarities.

The Gate to the Human World is not only happening in the galactic shifting of time, space and dimension. The Gate to the Human World is opening within ourselves.

It is our choices, our daily choices, that will either put another obstacle in front of that door or it will push/pull the door open. Either we step forward and inspire others to do the same or we step backwards and block the very path for those who walk with us or after us. There is no standing still!

Thunder Strikes has given us vivid descriptions of the race between the dark and the light; between good and evil. I have included some of what he addressed; I will also weave in some of the older teachings that relate each of the eight directions to one of the Eight Horses of the Rainbow Bridge Prophesies.

To understand the fundamental challenge, we must first understand the juxtaposition between the Black or Dark Horse and the Gold or Light Horse. These energies are within each of the other six directions. We are at choice – and these choices are ever-present and very, very critical at this time. Remember, our daily choices either blocks or opens the Gates to the Human World.

So in each of the eight directions we will look at our task – how to care, share, teach, heal, and/or love – how to feed and nourish and empower the Gold Horse.

In Part 2, we look at the Dark Horse and the Light Horse. Click here for Part 2.

6 thoughts on “Opening the Gates to the Human World, Part 1

  1. William BlackWolf Rathman says:

    I don’t do Facebook and all that, so this is the only way I can ‘like’ this.
    Powerful to me. A straw that gave me that final nudge.
    – BillCat BlackWolf Rathman, the tardy

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