Upcoming Activites Here and There

It’s a busy autumn!  Here’s a short list of some upcoming activities in our collective:

Thunder Awakeners Lodge in North Carolina, USA welcomes Ina Mlekush, master Quodoushka teacher and marriage counselor, for a series of ceremonies Nov. 11 through Nov. 13,  featuring healing our sense of self, creating beauty in our lives, creating good relationships, and moving into the holidays with depth of spirit.  For  more information, contact Michael at thunderawakenerslodge@gmail.com.

The Light Warrior Clan in Michigan, USA, looks at the powers of the universe – know as the Children’s Twenty Count – in two parts: Part 1 on Nov. 10 addresses the So Below powers – the ones we experience in our physical world; Part 2 on Dec. 1 looks at the As Above powers, those from the realm of spirit.  For more information, visit the Light Warrior Clan Meetup.

ICSS in Toronto, Canada, is sponsoring a Quodoushka I January 10-13, 2013.  Start the year off right! Learn more at the ICSS web site.  Or travel with them to Teotihuacan, Mexico in February.

The teachings and ceremony at these events all come from the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path.

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