Vision Quest in the Pacific Northwest August 17-23

Looking for another place to do ceremony in nature this August?

The Raven Speaks Lightning Lodge in the Pacific Northwest is hosting its ceremonial week August 17-23
on beautiful ceremonial land in Washington state near Mt. Adams.

Beautiful natural setting in Washington state

From the 17th thru the 23rd, both Apprentices and seekers can experience a week of gateway and/or personal ceremony.  Gateway ceremonies facilitate our spiritual and personal development through the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path gateway process; personal ceremonies are designed for the individual to support working with his or her life situations, questions, and issues.  The leaders of the Raven Speaks Lightning Lodge can design personal ceremonies for you, based on your needs and desires.

For more information, contact Martha at LIGHTNINGRAVENS@COMCAST.NET.

The leaders of the Raven Speaks Lightning Lodge: Mateo (r) and Martha (l)

Raven Speaks Lightning Lodge, a lodge of the Sweet Medicine SunDance path formed in 2006 by Mateo Swan and Martha Iosbaker, offers a compelling assortment of opportunities for the curious as well as the serious student. Martha and Mateo bring their diverse skills and interests together to work hand-in-hand in creating the programs of the Raven Speaks Lightning Lodge.

Read more about the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path…

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