Celebrating Women’s Life Stages: Menopause Weekend, Aug. 24-26

Women in any stage of Menopause are invited to join us
at magical Foxglove Gardens for a cool weekend get-away
while addressing the changes we experience at this important stage of life.

Cool, beautiful Flagstaff, AZ

Flagstaff AZ

The setting is peaceful, cool and relaxing while we experience pleasure through teachings, hands-on activities, ceremony, and physicality, all led by Razel Wolf.

“Being Female on this planet is a wonderful blessing and a great mystery.  We will gather together to explore wisdom from the Grandmothers of the Twisted Hair lineage through teachings, interactive experiences and ceremony. Our intent is to discover our own womb knowing using the sage guidance of the Elders. As we engage with the cycle of menopause we change. Let’s demystify this phase and bring out the natural power and beauty of our beings.”

Flagstaff, AZ – August 24-26, 2012

For more information, please contact Kathy at menopause@dtmms.org.
To Our Brothers and Younger Sisters:
please pass this opportunity on
to your wives, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, and friends.

Read more about menopause – the activation of our golden eggs of wisdom.


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