Learning about Fire and Cranes in Michigan

Looking to  understand more about fire, the element we associate with our spirit, our humanness, our passion for life and growth?  The Light Warrior Clan in Michigan can help! On Saturday November 12, you can participate in “Fire as Our Teacher”:

“Why do we just love looking into a Fire? Why do we say things sitting around a campfire that we wouldn’t say in casual conversation? Come and explore with us the characteristics of Fire and what we can learn from this Elemental Teacher.”

Also on Nov. 12, they’ll be hosting a visit to view the Sandhill Cranes:

“The Sandhill Crane is the Totem Animal for the Light Warrior Clan. It’s the oldest surviving bird species, adapting to its living conditions through several ice ages. It has a lot to teach us about adaptability. These birds gather to make their annual southern migration, feeding in the fields during the day and returning to the wetlands to roost at dusk. They increase in number as the weeks go by and leave at the end of November depending on the weather.  If you have never experienced their prehistoric cackle especially in large numbers you are in for a real treat! Bring a blanket and cameras and binoculars.”

They also hosts a group pursuing gateway work on the Sweet Medicine SunDance path.  This group is open to new participants through the meeting on Nov. 13 – so if you are interested, now is the time to get in touch with them!

To learn more about these events, visit the Light Warrior Clan’s Meetup group: www.meetup.com/The-Light-Warrior-Clan.

2 thoughts on “Learning about Fire and Cranes in Michigan

  1. This sounds interesting especially since I have been through a fire. I have been interested in learning more about the element of fire. Do you have any resources or links that I could look into?

  2. There are a few basic wheels here: http://dtmms.org/redlodge/year1.htm. With wheel teachings, you can overlay one with another, and all of the things in a given direction are related. So, with fire in the east, we also have spirit, and determining, for example. The energetic of determining, which we do (when in balance) through our spiritual aspect, is a fire energy – fast, hot (passion for life), and decisive.

    It sounds like you’ve had an up-close and intense experience of fire. How did you come out of that experience? Does the connection of spirit and fire make sense to you, from your own knowing of fire?

    For more in-depth teachings, you could check out the “minibook” The Elements (http://dtmms.org/bookstore/mini-books.htm#elements), or the books Song of the Deer (http://dtmms.org/bookstore/song-deer.htm) and Shamanic Wheels and Keys (http://dtmms.org/bookstore/shamanic.htm). You might also contact Meg and Russ of the Light Warrior Clan at the Meetup link above – even if you’re not in the area.

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