Warrior Spirit Lodge Hosts Maori Healers Aug. 9

Warrior Spirit Lodge, the home lodge of DTMMS in Phoenix AZ

Warrior Spirit Lodge in Phoenix AZ USA

On Tuesday August 9, Warrior Spirit Lodge hosts An Evening of Maori Teachings with Atarangi and Maori Healers from Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Maori Healers became widely known through the work of master teacher Hohepa Delamere, fondly known as Papa Joe and Atarangi Muru Maori Healer.  Atarangi continues to travel abroad and provide other Maori Healers with the opportunity to share their services at international levels. She is now one of Maoridoms most respected healers.  Her work is deep, unique, uplifting, enlivening and rewarding physically and spiritually. She is an example of the ‘living works’ of ancestral teaching.

Read more about An Evening of Maori Teachings with Atarangi and Maori Healers, and how to schedule an authentic Maori bodywork session on Aug. 9 or 10.

RSVP to Warrior Spirit Lodge for An Evening of Maori Teachings with Atarangi and Maori Healers.

Read more about Warrior Spirit Lodge.

The Sweet Medicine SunDance Path honors the ways
of the many other spiritual paths to the light.
Come learn from a different tradition!  Expand your horizons!

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