Bon Voyage, Elva!

DTMMS thanks Elva!

Elva and friend

The Deer Tribe office has been blessed with the presence and services of Elva Davila since the end of February, 2011, after a generous donor made it possible for us to hire an additional part-time staff member at the Deer Tribe headquarters.   This came at such a critical time for us and we have been delighted and grateful to have Elva on board.

In a very short period, Elva has learned the entire product making and shipping realm and has been filling orders with aplomb!  In addition, she has completed several projects that I have not had time to do in the 3 years I have been working at the  DTMMS “front desk.”  These projects are all great improvements for us – a better filing system for the masters and mock-ups of our products, a “How To Make” Bible for all the products we make in house, a working intercom system, an updated shipping rate sheet for product, storage for the Deer Tracks archives – and if any  you have recently received a gift for your contribution to the Rainbow Power Center, it was Elva who made it possible for those gifts to go out the door to you!

Even more than that, Elva has come every day and done every job with an incredibly bright attitude and open mind.  It has been a steep learning curve, as it would be for anyone first stepping into this job.  And Elva has been cheerful, independent, open, organized, efficient, and fun!  WE ARE SO SORRY SHE WILL BE LEAVING!  But alas, she returns to her roots and family in Chicago.  Elva departs July 7th.  So we have a few more weeks to cherish her presence and skills!

Thank you, Elva.  You have done an incredible job and made us all very happy.  We wish you well on your journey onward.

For the Deer Tribe


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