Aura Perceptual Analysis coming October 2-16

Aura Perceptual Analysis (APA) is the study of the human luminosity and the evolution of the soul. In this two week training course, taught by Thunder Strikes, students of the Sweet Medicine Sundance path learn to see, glean and know the 15 aspects of the human luminosity.

The Human Luminous Egg Cocoon
It has long been known within many traditions that human beings are more than just a physical body. Within the Sweet Medicine SunDance path, the energy body associated with the human physical body is called the human luminous egg cocoon. As a human evolves, this luminosity reflects evolutionary change just as the physical body reflects physical maturational change. The study of the luminous egg cocoon has been a primary focus within the Twisted Hair tradition for many generations.

In the same way we can map our physical health and development through an understanding of physical anatomy, we can map our spiritual health and development through an understanding of the luminous egg cocoon. This energy body contains information about how we perceive our world, how well we achieve a balance within our internal masculine and feminine energies, the patterns we have chosen through which we express our unique gifts, talents, and shining, the amount of lifeforce energy we have available to fuel our life choices and actions, and much more.

GleaningLearning to See, Learning to Connect
The APA training focuses on the experience of “gleaning.”  Learning to glean is learning to see and engage with reality as it objectively exists.  It requires learning how to remove the filters that lie between you and the world around you. It trains you “to connect” rather than separating.

For more information
The APA workshop will be held in Scottsdale, Oct 2-16, 2011.  De-armoring is a prerequisite for this training.  Contact for more information.


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