Ceremonial Gathering in the Pacific Northwest

Raven Speaks Lightning gathering

Raven Speaks Lightning gathering

The lovely Pacific Northwest

The Raven Speaks Lightning Lodge in the Pacific Northwest recently completed their third week-long ceremonial gathering.  Held in the beautiful Washington countryside near the Columbia River Gorge, the gathering was attended by 30 people.  This year the gathering concluded with a day of ceremonial prayer.

Started in 2006, the Raven Speaks Lightning Lodge has attracted an enthusiastic and growing group.  The lodge sponsors regular teachings and ceremony, as well as work with the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path healing paradigm, ceremonial weeks in nature, drumming and singing.  Lodge activities occur monthly in both Portland and Seattle. 

For more information about this group, contact Mateo and Martha at LightningRavens@comcast.net.

To find a lodge or study group near you, visit the DTMMS locations page.


One thought on “Ceremonial Gathering in the Pacific Northwest

  1. Cathy Englehart says:

    The Eagle dance in the PNW was a success, and I am glad to have been a part of it. Our lodge worked hard (especially the Oregon folks) to prepare Nancy’s land and choreograph the ceremony. The dance itself was not easy for me. I had just come back from our summer 3-day dance, where I had injured my knee and I knew I was “dancing” a delicate balance between self care and self pity. It gave me the opportunity to sharpen discernment skills for engaging in life while being respectful of my limitations. My reward was almost as exquisite as the nighttime full moon dancing of the summer dance. Due to our famous rain, we have lush green grass in the dance arbor. By early afternoon, I had taken off my shoes and enjoyed the rest of the dance with “skin on skin”: bare feet treading directly on mother earth. I highly recommend it.

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