Arizona Red Lodge Ceremonial Week Aug 2-8

Red Lodge LonghouseEach year of the Red Lodge Longhouse curriculum includes  a week of ceremony in nature.   The Arizona Red Lodge program’s ceremonial week is coming up: Aug 2-8.

For the Red Lodge participants, the week’s ceremonies are  specific to their year within the program, and facilitate integration  of the year’s teachings as well as personal growth and  maturity.

The Red Lodge ceremonial week is also open to people who are not involved in Red Lodge, as a vision quest week.  Ceremonial facilitators can work with participants to create ceremonies for their specific  needs.  For more information, call (888) 391-9033 or email

The Red Lodge Longhouse Program is available at several  locations.  For general information on the Red Lodge Longhouse Program, visit DTMMS’ Red Lodge Longhouse pages.  For information on specific programs,  see:


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