Volunteer Appreciation, Part 2

We would like to take another moment to say thank you to all the men and women who contribute their time and energy to DTMMS projects.  Specifically:

  • to those who make sure critical publications make it through the translation process from English into Italian, a big thank you!
  • to those who put in the research and compilation time to make sure our Board of Directors has the information they need to make good decisions – thank you!
  • to those who give of their time and skills to keep the various Sweet Medicine SunDance Path events going – a huge thank you!  (For example, Earth Lodge Italy and Earth Lodge Germany)

It is not possible to thank all of our volunteers at once – there are far too many of them.  So we will continue periodically to express our thanks.


2 thoughts on “Volunteer Appreciation, Part 2

  1. janne wallace says:

    i’m in study/practice of twisted hair path-in northern california-and would appreciate via you and yours-being kept abreast with events, so forth
    of DTMSS.

    thanks that you do
    janne wallace

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