Scottsdale AZ Center Expansion Complete

The carpet has been laid, the walls painted, the offices shifted – the Scottsdale AZ Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society Center expansion is now complete. The space is ready for action!

Here are some of the changes you’ll see:

  • the dojo now has a dedicated changing room
  • our Medicine Director and Business Administrator have moved into new, better offices
  • the main reception area has been re-configured into a much more open, welcoming space
  • storage has been rearranged and organization vastly improved
  • new spaces are available for classes, workshops, meetings, etc. – now the Center can host multiple simultaneous activities!
  • and, as noted earlier, everything just looks better

To reserve space for an event, contact the DTMMS Center at 480-443-3851 or email

Also, visit the DTMMS calendar of events in the Phoenix area.

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