Scottsdale AZ Center Beautification

This past weekend was a big one for the DTMMS Scottsdale AZ Center.  As noted in and earlier entry (Scottsdale AZ Center Expands), we’ve acquired some additional space.  Last weekend, crews of dedicated, skilled, energetic, and enthusiastic volunteers moved furniture, painted, and (after the laying of new carpeting) moved furniture again.  The Center is on the downhill side of its makeover, and it is beautiful.

Staff offices, storage, and classrooms have been rearranged to take full advantage of the new space.  There is now an actual kitchen, with a sink and running water!  The dojo has its very own changing room.  All staff offices are now window offices.  And we now have 3 teaching and gathering spaces in addition to the dojo.

Moving, rearranging and beautification continues, but should be complete by the end of April.  Look for an open house soon!  In the meantime, for a schedule of events at the Center, see the DTMMS calendar.


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