Red Lodge Longhouse Curriculum: New and Improved!

Red Lodge LonghouseThe Red Lodge Longhouse is DTMMS’ intensive program featuring the foundational teachings, wheels and keys, and gateway ceremonies in the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path.  For many years, the format of our Red Lodge program was a 3-year curriculum, broken into 3 year-long levels or segments, which students could engage in year by year (that is, a student signing up for first year was under no obligation to go on the second year).

In 2008, a committee of Red Lodge teachers revised the entire program curriculum, expanding from a 3-year format to a 4-year format.  This allows for:

  • additional teachings and workings on topics relevant to our daily lives
  • more time for discussion and integration of the teachings, wheels and keys in each year – especially Year 3 and the new Year 4
  • a better organization of the related ceremonies, which contribute significantly to the integration of the knowledge into our lives

In the new curriculum, as in the old, students commit to one year at a time, similar to a college or university program. Each year meets seven times in a twelve month period, for six weekends and one full week of ceremony in nature.

In the first year, students learn how to work with wheels and keys, the circular paradigm of knowledge.  The basic wheels and keys in first year Red Lodge are the foundation of future work, and are highly relevant to life.  (For example, the elemental balance wheel is key to our health!)

In second year, students focus on their particular lives and how they negotiate within them. Students will discover what kind of character structure they have and why their bodies look and work as they do. They also learn about your molding, sculpting and armoring and how they have created a predictable pattern of reaction to people and events in their daily lives.  The task of this year is to see where and how our patterns limit our experience of anything new.

In third year, students are introduced to the Sweet Medicine SunDance Healing Paradigm and begin to learn how to use its tools to heal themselves and others.  Third year also explores the concept of living in “Dharma”: living a life of strong spiritual determination where you are no longer at the effect of old patterns but open to new opportunities and evolution into your higher potential.

In fourth year, students go more deeply into the Healing Paradigm, as well as Dharmic living.

DTMMS offers the Red Lodge Longhouse in Phoenix, AZ; Detroit, MI; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; and Tuscany, Italy.  For more information, visit: our Red Lodge page.


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